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Ealing Community Paediatric Dietetic Service

The Community Paediatric Dietetic Service provides an assessment, treatment and advice to children and their parents or carers of the children who are registered with an Ealing GP and live in Ealing or within 1 mile of the Ealing Borough border. 

We may see your child at your child’s special school, a community clinic in a few health centres across Ealing or at home if your child is housebound.

What support do the Paediatric Dietetic Service offer?

• discuss your child’s medical condition, health, eating and drinking and other factors which may affect their treatment
• take your child’s height, weight or other measurements to help monitor their growth.
• agree a treatment plan with personal goals to help you.
• provide you with written information if needed.
• provide your child with nutritional supplements if there is a clinical need for them.
• organise your child’s tube feeds and equipment and provide support and advise on their individualised feeding plan if this is required

If you feel that your child has a nutrition related condition, and you would like to see a dietician to dietry advice and support, please speak to your GP, health visitor or any health professional that is supporting your child. They will be able to refer your child to the Community Paediatric Dietetic Service.

Referral criteria for the Community Paediatric Dietetic Service will be based on children with the following nutrition related conditions:

•a child who has dysphagia or feeding difficulties and have been assessed by a speech and language therapist
•a child who is underweight, has faltering growth or has recently lost a significant amount of weight
•a child who is very overweight
•a child who has diagnosed deficiencies in vitamins or minerals, such as iron deficiency anaemia
•a child who has a diagnosed food allergy or diagnosed intolerance
•a child who is tube fed either temporarily or permanently


Who to contact

Contact Name
Ealing Community Paediatric Dietitians
020 8383 5717

The Ealing Community Paediatric Dietetic Service do not see children who are selective eaters and picky or fussy with their food as their local health visiting team are able to provide support and advice to the family.  Further useful information on fussy eating can be found on the NHS Website.

Find out more about the Health Visiting Team

Where to go

Ealing Community Paediatric Dietitians
Mattock Lane Health Centre
78 Mattock Lane
West Ealing
W13 9NZ
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