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Znaniye Russian School

Znaniye Russian School. 

Established in 2003, Znaniye is one of the most groundbreakingly successful Russian Supplementary Schools in the UK.

We specialise in sharing the Russian language with both native and non-native speakers. We enrol students from the ages of 3 - 18 and prepare students to sit Russian GCSE and A-level examinations.

Our school offers multifaceted approaches to Russian culture through various classes including Russian Language, Russian Literature, drama, dance, art, choir, and history.

Znaniye Education Centre

Znaniye is the top Russian Exam centre in the UK. We have highly trained examination specialists teaching the course and continue to hold a 100% A* - A in all exams sat. 

In 2019 all our GCSE students received a Grade 9 (A* equivalent). 

Znaniye also has published a GCSE Speaking prep book which can be found here  

Throughout the year we also run a training day for GCSE teachers across the country where Znaniye specialists prepare other teachers to raise their teaching standards. 


Full-Time School

As of 2019 Znaniye has partnered with David Game College to open that first Russian - British 13+ Full-Time school in the UK. The school offers a fully immersive Russian - British curriculum right in the City of London.

The school enrols students aged 13+ and runs Monday - Friday.

In addition to providing services for school-aged students, Znaniye also offers bespoke programs and courses for working professionals and businesses.

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