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Ealing Bladder and Bowel Service

Children aged 4-18 years (19 years if in education) who have problems with bed wetting (enuresis) or delayed toileting skills can be referred to the Ealing Bladder and Bowel service.

The interim service assesses and treats children with enuresis (night time bed wetting). Once assessed, the child/family and their carers will be offered lifestyle, toileting and fluid intake advice.  If appropriate, the child may be offered an alarm or medication and advice can be given regarding bed protection.

The service accepts referrals for children with delayed toileting skills from the age of four. Children will be seen by a nurse with enhanced bladder and bowel skills. If you are a parent, you will be asked to complete a chart prior to your appointment which will be used as part of the assessment that the nurse will complete.

Children with long term conditions or complex needs will also be seen by a nurse with enhanced bladder and bowel skills. The nurse will complete a bladder and bowel assessment and parents will also be asked to complete a chart. The service  supplies a maximum of four continence products  after assessment, however does not supply pull up pants or bed protection. Children receiving continence products are seen and assessed annually to review bladder and bowel health and maintain supply of products.

The nurse will also act as resource for other professionals.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Ealing Bladder and Bowel Service
020 8383 5483

If you are a parent/carer , please speak to your GP about making a referral to the Ealing Bladder & Bowel Service as they will need to make the referral on your behalf. 

Service opening hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Where to go

Brent & Ealing Bladder and Bowel Service
Featherstone Road Clinic
Harrington Road

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Age Ranges
Primary (5-11)
Secondary (11-18)
Transition (over 18)

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