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Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities (EPEC) Parenting Programme

Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities (EPEC) is a community based programme that trains and supervises local parents to lead parents’ groups in schools, children’s centres and other community centres. It is a structured parenting programme designed to promote warm, nurturing and effective parenting. 

EPEC combines peer-led parenting groups with training, organisational support and supervision, provided by specialists in child development, well-being and parenting. It is specifically designed to improve the scale, access and effectiveness of parenting support available to all local families who live in Ealing and Hounslow.

Trained parent facilitators deliver eight, two-hour structured group sessions, in accessible community settings within Ealing.

The content is focused on:

  • Improving parent-child communication
  • Understanding children’s feelings and behaviour
  • Effective strategies to promote children’s positive behaviour and development.

Group leader training, accreditation, licensing and quality assurance is provided by the specialist EPEC team based at West London NHS Trust.

Training to become an EPEC Parent Group Leader offers parents the opportunity of:

  • Being part of the Volunteer network at West London NHS Trust and the EPEC family
  • Receiving 10 days of free Group Leader training as well as additional training from the Trust.
  • Learning to lead practical, caring groups for local parents.
  • Receiving regular supervision and support from the local EPEC Hub Team
  • Travel and other expenses are reimbursed whilst training
  • Being paid for their time to lead sessions with another trained parent volunteer leader within Ealing upon successful completion of the training
  • Making fundamental contributions to developing the contents and method of the EPEC course structure and delivery such as advising on cultural adaptation and the translation of material to meet the cultural and language needs of specific communities

The EPEC Hub Team at West London NHS Trust will actively support the setting up of EPEC parenting groups for the newly trained leaders as well as supporting the recruitment of parents to those groups. We are also in the process of exploring how we may get the Group Leader programme accredited so that parents who successfully complete it can, if they want to, gain an accredited qualification although this will require additional written work.

If you're interested in this programme, contact details are below for all enquiries.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Kate Landowska
07708 509629
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