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Ealing Early Years Quality Partnership’s Premium Membership

Ealing's Premium Membership is awarded to settings that go above and beyond statutory requirements and strive for excellence in all areas. Parents can easily identify these settings on the Families' Service Directory by the gold Ealing's Premium Membership stamp which is displayed next to each setting that has been awarded it.

These settings have a commitment to providing high-quality education, within a highly stimulating learning environment, supporting and engaging the children in their care and providing an outstanding service, ensuring all children achieve their full potential.


Information for settings who want to join the scheme

The Ealing Early Years Quality Partnership provides expert practical support for Ealing’s early years registered childcare providers. The purpose of our service is to create a supportive partnership with the provider and work together towards a common goal to improve outcomes and narrow the achievement gap for all young children in Ealing.

We offer expert advice and guidance, constructive feedback, information on the latest ways of working as well as useful tools and resources. We also challenge you and support you in seeking continuous improvement within your provision; creating the very best learning environment and delivering quality education to the children attending your provision.

In addition, we have put together a premium membership for providers who would like to go the extra mile:

This is our premier membership package, intended for childcare settings and childminders who want to go beyond the basic statutory requirements; to provide high quality education in a highly stimulating learning environment, to best engage and support the children in their care; working towards having an outstanding service that realises the full potential of each child.

You will be assigned an experienced and skilled Early Years Consultant who will visit you (two visit a year for settings, one visit a year for childminders) to support you in identifying areas for improvement and equipping you with a range of constructive tools to enable you to strengthen and move your provision forward.

Your named consultant will also be available by phone and email for advice and support throughout the year.

In addition you will receive discounted rates for ALL of our training programmes and any additional consultancy not included in your package.

The consultant’s visits result in a bespoke action plan, supported by tools designed to make enhancing your offer manageable.

For more information on the scheme, please contact:

June Ryan
Early Years Administrator 
020 8825 5693

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